Monday, May 19, 2014

Update Mining Gold & Various Misc Updates

Battle Thrones: Update v1.0.1.2
In-Game Updates & Bug Notes

Update & Additions:
  • Added Mission 'Gold Rush' & 'Beneath The Surface'
  • Mission 'Raising The Roof' can now be completed
  • Building Construction scripts and UI
  • Added FPS label below map
  • Added a status message box for notifications and error messages
  • Added music
  • 'Gold Mine' now has a pre-restoration state as default
  • Added 'Ruins' to the title of buildings that need restoring
  • Game now continues to run in the background when web page doesn't have focus

Bug Fixes: 
  • Fixed a navigation/waypoint bug that prevented movement in some areas

Known Bugs:
  • OrcWorker Menu: Repair Button does not work  
  • Stopping the worker while he is in the middle of harvesting will cause unexpected behavior               
  • Fading of objects between camera and selected object is limited to trees

Latest version available at:
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