Sunday, May 11, 2014

Update In-Game Updates & Bug Notes

Battle Thrones: Update v1.0.1.1
In-Game Updates & Bug Notes

Update & Additions:
  • Updates & Bugs Window added
  • Camera Controls Window added
  • Input Controls: dragging the terrain will now pan the camera (touch compatible)
  • Orc Worker is now provided as a reward for accepting the mission 'Prepare To Harvest'
  • Mission Accept & Completion windows updated with rewards information

Bug Fixes: 
  • Fixed a bug where the Factory was being referred to as the Lumberjack in the Building Info Window
  • Fixed a guest login error
  • Orc Worker Menu: Stop, Move & Harvest buttons now work properly

Known Bugs:
  • OrcWorker Menu: Repair Button does not work
  • Attempting to harvest resources after completing the mission 'Chop! Chop! Chop!' will result in unexpected behaviour.

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